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      2014-06-01 14:42:47

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I am Woman, Hear Me Purr….

 Transformational Personal Growth Development Workshops for Women

 “He who is flexible is King, She who is flexible, is Queen and trusted advisor to the King”     CDB

If all Women in the workplace and home are happy, everyone is happy…?

  Women with a passionate desire for harmony, courage and self love, can choose to channel and use their positive energy with the grace it deserves

The series of interactive workshops are held with small groups to ensure maximum benefits for all participants. 

Step 1.   La Wench– “Sexuality vs. Sensuality” and your Self image.    The Introduction to Self Love - acknowledging, understanding and developing your Intuition.

·           Understand and develop your Intuition

·           Learn to trust and action on your Intuition

·           Self Confidence

·           Team build

·           Stress Release


Step 2.    Mischievous Minx– “Girls just want to have fun”. Inspirational Body Mind Awareness.  

Step 2 in Self Love - Personal Growth + development - Reflective, Inner Self Work focus.

·           Building Self Esteem and Self Confidence

·           Flexibility and Change

·           Developing Emotional EQ/Regulation and a positive Ego

·           Creative Stress Release for having more fun

·           Team Build

Step 3.    Lady Godiva- “I am confident, unique and beautiful”.  Create - Body, Mind + Soul Workshop.  Step 3 towards Self love – How to take your desired unique inner image of individuality forward into your own world and authentically Walk your Talk. 

·           Self respect

·           Kindness and Compassion to self

·           Mastery of Change

·           Humility and Nobility


4.   Florence Nightingale– “I am, I am...a Wild Wolf Woman”.

      Body, Mind + Soul Self Healing Workshops.  A supplementary series of workshops exploring your desired self healing, to ensure changing behaviorial patterns for the success of Steps1 to 3.

·           Forgiveness and Surrender

·           Loving what is

·           Acceptance, Abundance and “Power of the Now”

·           Creativity and Passionate drive for Juicier living

 Workshop Content: Each may be molded to suit any team goal, size and group stamina. Creatively using various left and right brained geared techniques from the eclectic variety of disciplines that she has studied over many years, Charlotte, as a Bodyologist, reads and uses the Body for guidance and resources, ensuring a wholistic and fuller brained Personal Development experience.  The sessions cover essential aspects of Emotional Intelligence, Physical Vitality, Mental Focus and Spiritual Neutrality.  These sessions may also include exclusive tips and techniques used in the art form of Music, Meditation, Belly Dance, Kundalini Yoga and Professional Life Coaching, embracing your wholistic self, your own body image and creating a desired image of self to be projected and lived with authenticity and purpose.


Duration: From 45 mins - 3.5 hours, depends on size, goal & stamina of group.

I guarantee in ensuring that your event is memorable and fun is had by all!

As seen on TV and heard on Radio, “Charlotte also been repeatedly featured in local and international media, on local TV series Scandal, and again on KYKNET.  Website has YouTube link to interview, see testimonials and credentials www.charlottedblignaut.co.za   www.emotioninmotion.co.za  www.bellydance.co.za   www.sacredlotus.co.za

Charlotte has also hosted her own community international radio programme, Emotion In Motion®, understanding and coping with necessary and ongoing changes in the world