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  • July 2014

    • Are u looking backwards out of boredom? (1979)
      2014-07-07 10:37:34

      I've been pondering the way we justify and judge our own life progress, or lack thereof, and how...


  • June 2014

    • 3 Laws of Prosperity (1773)
      2014-06-01 14:42:47

      "Be kind to everyone Never speak ill of anyone Never speak ill of yourself"    Yogi Bhajan...


  • May 2014

    • Leadership & Love...the 4 letter word to say it all? (1606)
      2014-05-29 14:19:20

      In recent inner reflection,  on considering how I lead myself, and therefore, hope to lead others, I came...


    • Finding your inner power (1900)
      2014-05-14 09:59:33

      When we are vulnerable we are at our most powerful.  Allowing and expressing being vulnerable...


    • How to become a Change Master - 9 free tips (1472)
      2014-05-13 14:56:50

      Managing Change in the world we live in...OMW... its almost like a dark dirty word when u mention...



Straight Talk for the Awake and Aware -Emotion In Motion with Charlotte



Open minded mindfulness - exploring the change in consciousness in our world, withvarious optionsshared for coping, plus bonus in learning how to expand your own consciousness, We will discuss, coach or chat, with you the audience and with various people, who are seen as leaders of change, where change embraced is prevalent and working well.Uncovering and sharing the many varied ways and means for improving inner balance, joy and creating authenticity of our lives life within.


latest trends in the world, we get exclusive research info shared from Dion Chang, South Africa’s leading trend spotter http://fluxtrends.co.za/. Award winning public speaker Douglas Kruger, http://www.douglaskruger.co.za/ shares with us the insights and demands in trends in the corporate world regarding motivation, inspiration and latest topics in demand from international corporates.

Part 1 - Adi Shakti


Part 2 - Colleen Dawson

Part 3 - Itta Roussos

www.awakeradio.co.uk - 14 jan – Chatting with an expert of 30years in the educational field, Colleen Dawson, as we explore life science facts about how and where stress/trauma affects the body, plus chat with a trauma survivor or 2 as to how positive survival of trauma is possible, and we get back to the grass roots of how pregnancy and a baby’s birth also plays a huge role in stress in life with one of South Africa’s leading Doula’s, Itta Roussos. www.ittaroussos.com


Christmas Eve – A special holiday gift for all listeners! 2013 Angel card readings, per Astrological Star Sign, compliments of Carol, from www.angelawareness.co.za, PLUS a Tibetan Bowl and a Chakra(Energy Centres) meditation/visualisation.



REBIRTHING - Conscious Connected Breathing. Awaken to a clear sense of your potential and purpose! Expanding self awareness, leading to "Self Realisation". Rebirthing is one of the fastest growing, most popular techniques in self development in the world today. www.innergise.co.za



Jennifer Hirsch explains to us how Chirology is used to support and guide us in times of change, it is the "Five Element Chirology is a synthesis of the best of western palmistry and a five element Chinese Buddhist hand reading system. Qualities and principles of the elements earth, water, fire, air and chi are ascribed to the hands’ shapes and markings." One lucky listener will win a copy of her book - God Given Glyphs. Visit her website to arrange your own individual hand readinghttp://godgivenglyphs.com/


Charlotte and Har Bhajan discuss ‘where have all the men gone’. Men and change. Interesting perspective and thoughts on how to take back your unique ‘man power’. Vital information for women also



Pritam discusses the importance of healthy eating and covers all aspects of nutrition and diet. As Pritam says herself “WE learn how to eat for coping better, managing change, stress and a choice of more joyous harmony and balance in our lives” Pritams website www.earthproducts.co.za



 Deon, a Master Trainer and practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP), speaks to Charlotte about NLP, it’s positive and transformational uses, dispels fears, and how/why it is so important to find a credible and ethical practitioner, when you are facing uncertain future and change. He also shares with us a tool used, anchoring, for creating more positive outcomes and belief/behaviour in your life. www.mentalcombat.org


Carol, Principal of the South African Diana Cooper School for teachers, shares with us the difference between Angels, Arc Angels, Guardian Angels, their colours and how to use them to call on when you are facing times of change, celebration or need support. Includes a cord cutting meditation, in readiness for allowing more abundance in. http://www.angelawareness.co.za/

       Charlotte speaks to George who works in the banking industry about corporate responsibility and ethics and how it is important for people working within the corporate structure to reach a higher state of consciousness and awareness and to erase the greed and selfishness culture that is associated with corporations these days