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Professional Business and Life Coaching

Emotion in Motion® offers Professional Business and Life Coaching sessions, both nationally and internationally.

"Happiness is an inside job"    William Ward

Professional Business and Life Coaching is an opportunity to find solutions, not about finding problems.  Coaching is totally regular and dedicated time for you! It is a completely different approach to human learningFocusing firmly on the future, having a Professional Life Coach or Business Coach will enhance and enrich your successful journey to reach goals.

Professional Business and Life Coaching with the methodologies I have trained in, is a detailed probing process that successfully accesses your core, thereby creating awareness and a positive true bond with self. This bond with self creates new found exuberance for life and a whole new positive approach to understanding who you are, where you want to be and what is really important to you - therefore retaining an authentic relationship with self.

What to expect in Outcomes and Benefits of Coaching:  Some areas most commonly addressed in a 1 or max 2 hour session, one on one or in group sessions:

  1. Goal identification (life or business)
  2. Leadership Development and personal leadership styleat all levels
  3. Finding mechanisms to reach goals
  4. Identifying possible barriers and limitations and how to overcome them
  5. Using emotional intelligence in difficult conversations/conflict
  6. Using negotiation tools for positive outcomes
  7. Integrating these techniques into their personal leadership style
  8. Using their energy and commitment to achieve organisational goals
  9. Improving and more positive and Effective Communication style

The Process:  An initial telephone chat or coffee meet and greet, to establish if there is rapport between the potential client and coach.  Sessions are held at clients’ offices.  Gauteng = nominal travel costs apply, National = full travel and accommodation costs apply.

Each session: is tailor-made around the specific demands and dynamics of the client. I also facilitate bespoke / tailor made team workshops, in various areas that are driven to address common areas of challenges like accountability, awareness and therefore also ensure ownership and personal development opportunities for all willing delegates.

9 Questions for you regarding usual areas of challenge:

Some of the challenges that life brings us are evident in the questions below, and it is through facing these challenges that Professional Business and Life Coaching provides you with the guidance and support you require through Professional Business and Life Coaching

  1. Do you want to make changes in your life but procrastinate or don’t know how to?
  2. If you had more self confidence to make changes…would you?
  3. Are you searching for something but don’t know what?
  4. Are you stuck…stuck in a rut and cannot get out?
  5. Do you lack motivation and clarity to achieve what you want?
  6. If you could create more balance, joy and passion in your life…would you? 
  7. If you could add more definite meaning to your life and have clarity with your life choices…would you?
  8. Are you living and loving the life you live, with your own rules…?
  9. Have you Identified and want to improve self-limiting patterns?

"Your attitude to life is written all over your face... is that truthful what you really want the world to know about you?" Clive Simpkins