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Are u looking backwards out of boredom?

I've been pondering the way we justify and judge our own life progress, or lack thereof, and how we label Ancient teachings as the all NEW teachings.... I mean...REALLY?   The trends in our world are a reflection of humanity and our progress... are we looking backwards before we look forward?  I love learning ancient teachings... LOVE them!  And I love seeing how, as a "modern world", we feel righteous in justifying that they are ok to accept today... when they have been around for much much longer than we each have...  What reasons exist that we can simply try and trust... its as simple as a choice?  What happened to humanity to make us question so much vs allow creativity, life lessons and accept?  Are we simply bored with modern life?

1 - Given that we can access unheard of volumes of information on the web, we now have no excuses as to being in a satisfactory position to make more informed choices every day?

2 -  Are we making informed choices or looking for shortcuts?

3 - What would be the reasons we would take snippets of Ancient teachings to suit our lives today?

4 - Where does it come from that we have to prove anything new(old) works, before we try it out for ourselves?

5 - Who are we really wanting to prove it to and why?

6 - How do we get to a society who is 100% in touch with feelings, trusts them, AND has the courage to own and act on them, irrespective of what anyone else may think?

7 - Are we always trying to fit in/keep up with the social/corporate "norms", earn a buck, compete with each other, or are we living a balanced life of our own to leave a legacy with? 

8 - Are we prescribing "norms" and possibly making it super hard for the youth of today to become leaders and individuals who will pave the way forward to new ways of acceptance, action, and still earn a good sustainable living?

9 - As a mature adult, If there was one thing different you would go back and do differently in your early adulthood years,  what would it be?  Why not tell a young adult this... you may even set them on their path of success sooner than you had yours... awesomeness?


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3 Laws of Prosperity

  1. "Be kind to everyone
  2. Never speak ill of anyone
  3. Never speak ill of yourself"   

Yogi Bhajan


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