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“The Art of Being You, using the fine Art of Communication, a bold Expression of Self, accessing your Unique and Authentic Soul within, reflecting your Noble Truth”  CDB Muse

As Bodyologist, a multi and inter disciplinarian styled Coach, the Personal Development and Transformational Coaching I offer, is rooted in a full integration process of life experiences.   HEART and BODY BASED COACHING and communication, is the way of the future for humanity to harmoniously co-exist.   My own intense journey of challenges and celebrations led me to seek various Coaching solutions that each resonate with my own levels of authenticity, beliefs and values.

Eclectically, I integrate various Coaching approaches, including ancient wisdom teachings and full brain based learning techniques.  These creatively ensure an individual and sustainable wholisitic experience for clients.   Together with ethical intelligence, independence and individuality, it also guarantees an inspired and motivated lifelong learning journey of absolute FUN.   Highlighting the noble truth of who you are, and who you are meant to be, means living with abundance and mindfulness seeped in consciousness, and is liberating and simply ROCKS!

Who are my preferred clientele - Do you qualify?  Would you like to?  Are you facing challenges in meeting your dreams and goals?

If you are: Courageous, Sensitive, Want to embrace a living mind(life) of possibilities, seriously want behaviourial change, and have a sense of humour, plus those who desire contributing to positive change in the world, starting with self... these are the clients I am passionate about supporting in a coaching relationship.


1.     I believe in authenticity, truth and no nonsense approach, “It is what it is”

2.     The body does not lie, the  Science of Humanology, a Neuroscience of your WHOLE cellular system.

3.    I also believe we are all connected and are here to learn from one another, and the level and depth of your innermost introspection facilitates inspired growth and ensures the balance, inner peace and harmony we each desire.  

4.     It is through knowing and acceptance of who we really are, that we come to realise our full potential. This awareness (SQ) brings to the fore the fact that WE HAVE CHOICE – exquisitely exciting!  

5.     I firmly believe in learning is based in understanding and allowing the natural flow of life (energy) through emotional intelligence/regulation(EQ), using our bodies, emotions and minds TOGETHER, as the tools to access which answers are naturally intrinsic to each of us, expressed as intuitive knowing and wisdom, with the support of our neutral mind. 


A NeuroScience approach - the Science of Humanology - “With emotional compensation comes mental compensation, social compensation, personal compensation and creative compensation. God, it takes you through hell.  Is there any chance you can be you? © The Teachings of Y B,  July 30, 1996”

Coping with Change: 

I have hosted an international community based radio programme geared towards understanding the powerfully positive and necessary role of change, exploring many varied influences and tools possible for coping with change and taking off all limiting blinkers to see the world as a set of related connected systems.   Tune in to the links  of past interviews, to hear more.

Purpose of Coaching:

Each of the perfectly balanced services I offer are influenced by the knowledge, experience, extensive research and training done over many years. Each is geared towards a client’s unique truth, optimal and immediate integration, implementation and development, including all 4 quadrants of the brain in change and learning. Neuroscience underpins and embodies all the styles of training offered.

Process of Coaching:

Epistemology (Awareness driven) based learning strategies are tailor made, interactive and driven towards goals of embracing an attitude filled with the positive attributes of behavioural flexibility. The solutions are naturally dovetailed into the varied thinking and learning lead styles. The marriage of out the box thinking with FULL body and mind resources, are at the core of my innovation learning solutions. 

1.  Monthly or Bi monthly Focus Group Workshops, styled for Team building, Change Management and related Soft Skills Awareness enhancement and Training, all choreographed into the Solutions driven goals required by client’s specifications. 

2.     One on One Coaching

3.   Womens Health, Wellness and Personal growth Daily, Weekly and Weekend Retreats

4.     Monthly maintenance well being programmes 

5.    Facilitation - Interactive Seminar and special event motivational and inspirational

6.     Stress release - mindfulness and meditation workshops


 Skills acquired - Left brain driven focus:

1.     Qualified Executive, Business and Life Coach.

2.     Neuro Semantics Business and Life Coach

3.     NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner

4.     Honors degree in Corporate Governance(NQF8)

5.     Neuroscience for Coaching - University of Pretoria

6.     Face Profiling/Physiognomy

7.     Outcome based training and registration, (ETDP SETA):

·         Facilitator

·         Moderator

·         Assessor

·         One to one Coach

·         Design Assessment and

·         Evidence Facilitator

Comlimentary Skills acquired, (to the all the left brain masters out there), with my Right brain in the drivers seat, includes Ancient Wisdom Teachings and the slightly more "pink and fluffy" read more - http://www.charlottedblignaut.co.za/

I look forward to making a valued contribution to your journey!