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  • July 2014

    • Are u looking backwards out of boredom? (1980)
      2014-07-07 10:37:34

      I've been pondering the way we justify and judge our own life progress, or lack thereof, and how...


  • June 2014

    • 3 Laws of Prosperity (1774)
      2014-06-01 14:42:47

      "Be kind to everyone Never speak ill of anyone Never speak ill of yourself"    Yogi Bhajan...


  • May 2014

    • Leadership & Love...the 4 letter word to say it all? (1607)
      2014-05-29 14:19:20

      In recent inner reflection,  on considering how I lead myself, and therefore, hope to lead others, I came...


    • Finding your inner power (1900)
      2014-05-14 09:59:33

      When we are vulnerable we are at our most powerful.  Allowing and expressing being vulnerable...


    • How to become a Change Master - 9 free tips (1473)
      2014-05-13 14:56:50

      Managing Change in the world we live in...OMW... its almost like a dark dirty word when u mention...



Welcome to Emotion In Motion®

Business and Life Coaching, Bodyology, Consulting, Facilitation, Team Focus Group Workshops, Motivational Speaking, Womens Wellness, Personal Development

"Achieve and sustain goals and own your birth right for happinessEmpower yourself, empower your team ….rock your world…dance to your own rhythm and create your unique authentic dance of life." Charlotte D Blignaut - South Africa

What is Coaching:

  1. Coaching is collaborative solution and goal orientated, and implies behavioural change.
  2. Coaching is systematically developmental and directed at fostering the ongoing self directed learning and personal growth of the client – therefore being highly transformative
  3. Coaches have expertise in facilitating learning through coaching, but do not necessarily need to have high levels of domain-specific expertise in the clients’ area of learning.
  4. Coaching is not about advising or telling people what to do(That is role of a Consultant)
  5. The recognition that adult learners are autonomous, and that they have a foundation of life experiences and resource knowledge from which, they are able to access valuable solution driven resources
  6. That to change your way of thinking to reveal fresh perspectives and alternative scenarios, is possible and easily accessible
  7. That they remain respected, inspired, motivated and encouraged

"I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it"   Henry E Fosdick

3 Opportunities for personal development

1. One on One - Professional Business and Life Coaching


  • unique leadership development
  • improves communication skills
  • improves team and individual performance
  • raises self awareness,
  • self esteem and
  • general better quality of life
  • Create a healthier work life balance.



 2. Teams – Motivational, Interactive Conference/Focus work group Workshops - "Whenever we communicate with each other correctly there is an exchange of energy" Reshad Feild


  • short and intensive
  • tools and techniques,
  • for inspirational and more serious topics,
  • for team building
  • effective communication
  • awareness and accountability
  • integrate and sustain conference themes,
  • exuberantly motivate an improved profitable bottom line



 3. Ladies – Ladies’ Wellness Events - Motivational, Interactive, Fun group Workshops (a car needs servicing and looking after, so do woman, on all levels – if the woman in the house/workplace is happier, then everyone is happy)


  • more supportive of self,
  • grow self confidence
  • self esteem
  • become more independent emotionally
  • growing in consciousness living within
  • moving away from co dependency,
  • getting to know your own truth
  • understand and trust own intuition
  • understand instinct
  • “Me” time for personal growth



"When the great swing has taken an individual into the world of symbolic mysteries, nothing comes of it, unless it has been associated with the earth, unless it has happened when that individual was in the body…and so individuation can only take place if you first return to the body, to your earth, only then does it become true." 

Carl Jung